Our Story




Welcome dear people to Sea Soul Studio.

I am honoured to share with you a bit of what SSS is about, my dreams and inspiration and what happens when I put them into clay!

All Sea Soul Studio ware is handcrafted from a variety of clay bodies and undergoes nine-plus different processes to go from a lump of wet clay to a unique and beautiful piece to treasure forever.  

Each piece has its own energy and personality and it is one of the things I enjoy most: to see a customer fall in love with a particular piece, subconsciously feeling an affinity and taking it home to enjoy and wear.



Sea Soul Studio really evolved when my husband and I purchased an 1830's cottage by the sea in Tasmania.

I had always been of the gypsy persuasion, moving about and going on long road trips, but it seems I am under the spell of Thorne Cottage for I love nothing better than meandering the coastal tracks with my dogs, soaking in textures and forms, sights and sounds, pottering around in my rapidly expanding veggie patch and then making my way through an arbour of passionfruit to my studio where hours just disappear.


I have been a maker ever since my earliest memories (my Mum’s passion to nurture our creative side is one of her greatest gifts) and a few years ago I took a course in ceramics.


Wow - I was smitten and still am.


My desire to constantly push and explore the boundaries of the material and my own imagination is relentless. My designs are heavily influenced by old blue and white pottery (we find amazing relics in the grounds of Thorne Cottage) and this coastal-cottage lifestyle. 



I have a bowerbird nature and drag Mr SSS out of bed early on Sunday mornings to scour garage sales and trash'n'treasure markets. Many of my finds have sparked a new design or become props for my displays at markets.


Another source of inspiration is travel (I’m still a gypsy at heart!) and the experiences and sights supply me with more ideas than I know what to do with!


Our mission statement

Sea Soul Studio is my work, my imaginarium and my joy.

I create products to make the moments count; a beautiful jug to use on Sunday morning lazy breakfasts with your beloved. A special platter that you always serve your famous Fig and Almond Torte on. A unique pendant that feels as if it was made just for you.

I stand for beauty in the everyday, joy in the small things, sentiment and memory-making.

Each and every product is handcrafted in my studio by the sea, small batch, with mindfulness and love. I am inspired by life in our 1830’s cottage here in Tasmania and the history of former inhabitants; old china fragments found in the garden weave their stories in to new designs. 

I believe in being fully yourself, following your heart and expressing this in your home and personal style.

Sea Soul Studio products are meant to be loved, used, handed down and woven in to the wonderful story of you.