Tideline Range


Hand built tableware from terracotta clay.

Soft, organic shapes and texture, a milky white opaque glaze with a touch of blue; these pieces are perfect for coastal table-scapes. Ideal for food stylists and photographers. 

Spoon: a large teaspoon size, lovely for sugar, jam or relish. Was $26, now $15.

Salt Dish: the smallest dish, perfect for seasoning, dukkah or a little sprinkle. Was $22, now $12.

Condiment Dish: a little bigger, a little deeper; perfect for relish, pickes, olives, all the good things!  Was $25, now $15.

Side Plate: perfect for bread, entrees and tapas. Approximately 14cm diameter. Was $32, now $20.



  • Salt dish: Approximately 7cm diameter
  • Condiment dish: Approximately 9cm diameter
  • Side plate: Approximately 14 diameter
  • Spoon: Approximately 15cm long



Handwash only for these items. For further details see our Care instructions.

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