I have rigorously tested all of my designs (and unwittingly sent a brooch through the washing machine. It survived but I don't recommend it!) I test my rings by banging them on tables and pendants by dropping them on the floor.


High-fired ceramic is strong but it is still porcelain and you need to treat it with care, sit on the bed or couch whilst removing your jewellery, it will probably survive a fall to carpet, but not to tiles.


Do not sleep, swim, shower, wash dishes, play sport or dig ditches in your porcelain jewellery. Drinking lattes, going to markets or the theatre, wine-tasting and walking on the beach are all highly recommended.


All metals on necklaces, brooches and rings are silver plated and lead and nickel free unless stated otherwise, please feel free to enquire about upgrading to a sterling silver chain, a lovely piece of velvet ribbon or coloured linen cord are other good options.


Stud earrings are always on non-allergenic surgical steel posts and hook/hoop designs are always sterling silver.



Most items are unglazed on the back, it feels like a smooth pebble but can pick up micro amounts of dirt and make-up, you may gently wash your piece with warm soapy water.


We send our spoons through the dishwasher, which is a great testament but my husband is very particular about how the dishwasher gets stacked, it's his thing! So, I always recommend hand washing, just be safe.


Accidental damage

If you do damage your item, please feel free to contact me for tips on gluing/repairing, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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