Frequently Asked Questions

I’m buying a present, do you offer gift wrapping?

I always make my packages look pretty, even if it is a gift for yourself! I am also happy to include a gift card with a message at no charge if the item happens to be for someone else.


How fragile is the porcelain jewellery?

Yes, they are porcelain and they are breakable. But, imagine if you will an antique china teacup, so thin you can see light through it, used and loved for decades, washed, knocked, bumped... yet still in use.

These bangles are also made from high-fired porcelain but they are so much thicker, and stronger than those dear teacups.

Friends and customers who swear they are the clumsiest people are astounded at their strength and durability


Will mine look exactly like the picture?

Small variations in shape, size, texture and glaze are to be expected and respected as it is a guarantee of the item being handmade, a complete contrast to the mass-produced. 


Can I put my beautiful new dishes, cups or spoons in the dishwasher or microwave?

Each item is a little different depending on how they were made so it’s best to check the individual product pages. But as a general rule:

Gold Lustre: Your item should be handwashed with care as the dishwasher is too abrasive on the gold and cannot go into the microwave.
Drfitwood: For longevity I recommend not getting the driftwood part wet so handwashing is best.
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