Moby Dick Lamp


  • Image of Moby Dick Lamp
  • Image of Moby Dick Lamp
  • Image of Moby Dick Lamp
  • Image of Moby Dick Lamp
  • Image of Moby Dick Lamp

A one of a kind statement piece sure to become the talking point of your home or the most instagrammed feature of your Air B'n'B!

Inspired by one of the great sea faring adventure tales: Moby Dick. A large Sperm Whale wraps around the front of the lamp and is amongst a host of other sea animals including a blue whale, humpback whale, shark and dolphin as well as seagulls, a lighthouse and shells.

Position as a bedside lamp to transport you or your little ones to a world of adventures in their favourite story, on a console or side table to gently illuminate your arrival home or as a feature in a styled arrangement on a bookshelf or mantle.

Hand built from earthy, textural clay, with swirls of naturally occurring iron mineral; high fired for strength and durability and featuring dark blue illustrations of various sea creatures with a big Moby Dick Whale as the hero piece.

A generous rim of 22K gold lustre trims the base.
The lamp is supplied with the stunning ombre amber LED spiral filament bulb (200 x 140mm) to cast a warm amber glow with 15,000 hours of run time and has a 4.5 metre long cord with inline switch to plug into a standard Australian power point.

The lamp base measures 13.5cm high and 21.5cm diameter at the base, with the bulb it sits a total height of 31cm.
As with each of my lights, this is a bespoke piece; there will never be another quite like it.
I wrap and ship with the utmost care and am always delighted to include a personal note if this happens to be a gift.

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