Peach Bellini Earrings


  • Image of Peach Bellini Earrings
  • Image of Peach Bellini Earrings
  • Image of Peach Bellini Earrings

Cheers Darling! These fabulous earrings will be your go-to party accessories all summer long. Handcrafted from the finest porcelain clay decorated with a peachy-floral pattern (pattern section will vary slightly on each set), a splice of 22K gold lustre along the bottom and hung on 14K gold hooks, complete with silicone ear-nuts to keep them swinging safely and you looking fabulous! Oh, and did I mention that fizzy-sparkly gold bead?? Just like the bubbles in a flute of champagne!
They hang 5.5cm from the apex of the hook, the porcelain piece is 2.5cm wide. Incredibly light yet high fired for maximum strength.
Presented in a beautiful gift box these make the perfect Christmas present for your bestie, your favourite aunt or, most definitely yourself!

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