Porcelain Bangles


  • Image of Porcelain Bangles
  • Image of Porcelain Bangles
  • Image of Porcelain Bangles
  • Image of Porcelain Bangles
  • Image of Porcelain Bangles

These lush porcelain bangles are offered in a variety of sizes and patterns; please read the description for each option to find your perfect piece!

Handbuilt from the finest porcelain clay, sanded, polished and glazed; firing to the highest temperature whcih makes them incredibly strong and robust. At these high temperatures the porcelain clay becomes vitrifed and takes on a crystalline look. Finished in a generous rim of real 22K gold lustre, these bangles are a treasure to keep forever.

From left to right in the first image:
Dainty Blue Flowers
Yellow Paisley
Retro Floral
Deep Blue Scrolls
Green Daisies
White Scroll

To find your size measure the internal diameter (a straight line from one side to the other on the inside of the circle) of a bangle you already own and compare it to the sizes I have offered.

Image of Sweet Swallow Earrings
Sweet Swallow Earrings
Image of Peach Bellini Earrings
Peach Bellini Earrings
Image of Dainty Jewellery: Red Paisley
Dainty Jewellery: Red Paisley
Image of Dainty Jewellery: Pink
Dainty Jewellery: Pink
Image of Wild Bloom Pendants
Wild Bloom Pendants
Image of Sunset Moon
Sunset Moon
Image of Dainty Jewellery: Sage Green
Dainty Jewellery: Sage Green
Image of Dainty Jewellery: Star Flowers
Dainty Jewellery: Star Flowers
Image of Dainty Jewellery: Purple
Dainty Jewellery: Purple
Image of Dainty Jewellery: Black
Dainty Jewellery: Black
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