Sweet Swallow Earrings


  • Image of Sweet Swallow Earrings
  • Image of Sweet Swallow Earrings
  • Image of Sweet Swallow Earrings
  • Image of Sweet Swallow Earrings
  • Image of Sweet Swallow Earrings

Swallows are happy, light-hearted birds with a free spirit that enjoys wandering the skies. They symbolize peace, cheerfulness, and wanderlust.
Swallows are also known to be the protector spirit of sailors and travelers as they spend most of their lives on the move.
The ancient Greeks associated the swallows with beauty and love, swallows were considered to be symbolic of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love. Some Greek tales also mention how Aphrodite would transform herself into a swallow and fly down to the land of humans; in some cultures they are believed to deliver messages between heaven and earth.
Whatever you believe, these stunning earrings have a special symbolism imbued into them.
Handcrafted from the finest porcelain clay, with a delicate white scroll print, a a dip of 22K gold lustre and hung on 14K gold hooks (complete with silicone earnuts).
The earrings hang 6.5cm from the apex of the hook, the porcelain piece measures just over 3cm.
Incredibly light yet strong as they are high fired for maximum durability. Presented in a gift box, these are sure to be THE perfect gift for someone you know.

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