Handcrafted Porcelain Bangle

Soft, polished, unglazed porcelain exterior with a clear gloss glaze on the inside. Super comfortable to wear.



Compare the internal measurements given with a bangle you already own, if there's one you love but its a bit big, you can stack smaller resin or timber bangles in front of it as you wear it, or slip one of those silicone charity bands inside it to make it fit more snugly.



Gently handwash these when needed. For further details see our Care instructions.


What our customers are saying

I love my Sea Soul Studio ceramic bangle! I work with my hands a lot and am not very gentle. I was so paranoid it would break, but it's been years and my bracelet has survived so well. Hardy, handmade and beautiful; thank you Sarah!

Tanja V.


How durable are they? I always bump into things and I am worried I will break it!

A note: yes, they are porcelain. Yes they are breakable. But, imagine if you will an antique china teacup, so thin you can see light through it, used and loved for decades, washed, knocked, bumped... yet still in use. These bangles are also made from high-fired porcelain but they are so much thicker, and stronger than those dear teacups. Friends and customers who swear they are the clumsiest people are astounded at their strength and durability. Ok? Good.

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