Lily Pad Vase: Sunflower


The "Sunflower" Lily Pad Vase suits a wide variety of flowers and foliage, and when weighted evenly, will support quite heavy blooms.

 The ceramic topper is high fired and finished in a rim of 22k gold lustre, sits just over the edge of the vase and it has a rim of silicone on the underside so it "grips" the glass and will not slide. There are 7 holes, each 1cm diameter.

Adorned with a cheerful pattern of sunflowers and chrysanthemums in classic blue and white.



  • The topper measures 14cm in diameter
  • The vase is 12cm diameter and is 12cm high


Gently handwash the ceramic topper when needed as the dishwasher is too abrasive for the gold lustre. For further details see our Care instructions.


What our customers are saying:

I chose this vase as a nod to our Oma's collection of blue and white Delftware, and our family heritage - a touch of tradition with a modern twist. I think they're the perfect gift for someone you love (or yourself!)

Leah K.

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