Spend $50 or more, and as a special thank you, you’ll receive a free gift valued at $30!

Spend $50 or more, and as a special thank you, you’ll receive a free gift valued at $30!

Porcelain and Gold Lustre Bangles


Each of these beauties is completely hand-built making it a stunning one-off only you will own.

They are a slightly organic shape, finished in a high gloss glaze (the bottom edge where it sits on the kiln shelf is unglazed, but polished smooth) and features a rim of 22K gold lustre applied during the third firing process.



Medium Bangle with Blue Wave Pattern: Internal diameter of 7cm

Small Bangle with Large White Daisy Pattern: internal diameter of 6.2cm

Medium Bangle with Soft Blue Cherry Blossom Pattern: internal diameter of 6.7cm



Gently wipe with a damp cloth. For further details see our Care instructions.

How durable are they? I always bump into things and I am worried I will break it!

So beautiful, and so much more durable than people think! Let's get that right out of the way first up.

I would like you to imagine an antique china teacup, you know, the really fine pretty ones. Now, think about the use that item has over many decades, still with me? Good.

So, these bangles are also made form fine porcelain but they are so much thicker than a delicate little teacup, they will withstand gentle knocks and bumps; obviously if you drop it on the tiles, it will break, as will just about any piece of crockery.

Customers and friends are astounded that they are so sturdy.


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